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Some Myths about the Greek lesbians..
include the following ..

Most local people prefer to pretend we don't exist (including a lot of Greek lesbians!)
* well, obviously we do!
(Yes mama, you know I exist, you 've been occasionally asking about my girlfriends well-being, you 've been accepting their best wishes on my birthday when they can't reach me, you 've been thanking them for being my good friends when I'm not present, and you know what? - you should be proud of all this work I've been doing in here!)

Skala Eressos is Lesbian paradise on earth
* Well, .. actually it all depends on the point of view,
but if it were the paradise it's supposed to be, why don't most of the lesbians that have ever been there just decide to spend the rest of their lives there ?
And then again why do so many of the lesbians I know personally respond so negatively to the mere suggestion of taking a short holiday there?
The truth is.. Skala Eressos is one of the great sea-side holiday places, and a lot of lesbians chose to have their holidays there, so in the summer there's really a lot of lesbians around, and a lot of lesbian owned avenues, and more lesbian-friendly places than in all the rest of Greece. But some of the facts that make it quite short of being a real paradise are.. that not all the locals are so happy about hosting all those lesbians every summer, that it's not so easy to get a life-job job in Eressos, while you still have to pay for almost everything, usually in cash, and it's almost impossible to get an out-of-tourist-season job there.
.. that a lot of lesbians go there when they're single, to have fun and.. "whatever" ..
.. that a good percentage of the lesbian tourists (both greek and foreign) go there with their sweethearts - which occasionally happens to be a great sample of the ultra-jealous species on the planet .. That Sappho is not there anymore.. not during the last couple of millenniums.
But beware, locals are fed up with their peers bullying about being "lesbians", in the worst usage of the word meanings.. some of them become hostile occasionally dangerously, and 3 of them went as far as suing to challenge the ban of the lesbian word usage referring to homosexual women, the First Instance court of Athens is discussing the subject for the first time on June 10th, 2008.
So resuming .. better have a nice holiday in Skala Eressos with a group of good friends and acquaintances, but better keep a small basket, and you have a good bet for a great lesbian holiday. After all, most lesbian women that have had holidays there usually come back a lot.. and they surely know better.

Most women from Lesbos island are homosexuals.
* No, they're not. There's no statistics available, but every sign shows that the homosexual women coming from the island of Lesbos are about the same percentage as in every other place in the world (possibly around 10%). A fact is that the homosexual women comming from the island of Lesbos are really proud about their homosexuality-and-place-of-origin double "lesbianism".

It's better to keep low and hiding..
* we 'been keeping low and hiding for so long, and what's improved in our life-quality?

Greece is a queer paradise.
* Do paradise residents have to hide their sexual id in order to get a job? Do paradise residents accused of being homosexuals have to quit their teaching job? Do they have to live in the closet, or nobody will ever support them, not even fellow-queers? Do they have to get a job in a far-away town/city in order to justify having their own home, or sharing a flat with "a friend" ? Are they afraid to visit their feminist center, because people may know that lesbians also meet there on a different evening? Do paradise residents that get a chance to study abroad usually get a job and stay abroad for life?... mmm
I don't think so. So, whoever tries to imply that Greece is a queer paradise, is either ignorant or trying to fool you into something.

last, but not least: Greek lesbians are great !
* They surely are !!!
But beware, internal homophobia and long-suppressed anger may pop out any time and ruin a lot.. And therapists are not fashionable here, and most of them are homophobes..

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